"Going after what I want in life"

- Michelle Crespo,

BFA Fashion Design ALUMNI at the Fashion Institute of Technology

My passion for Fashion and I,

I am currently a BFA Fashion Design Graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology, with a specialization in Women's Ready to Wear.

Fashion to me can be described as art on the human canvas with infinite possibilities. Fashion is a ray of light for many as it provides self expression and the power of creativity.

I am very passionate about the power that clothing can do and how it all just begins with a simple idea and a conversation. The way you mix-match styles and how it can easily build together a community of fabulous trendsetters, "I love your style."

I aspire my voice to be heard through my designs and touch the hearts of more fashion ehnthusiastics who view my work. I want to keep inspiring others to chase after their dreams, to be confident in who they are, and turn their vision into reality.

Do have an Idea? Let's make it happen!
- Michelle Crespo                                                                                                     

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  • New York, NY, United States